Ring of Fire is a 1991 martial arts film directed by Richard W. Munchkin, starring Don "The Dragon" Wilson as the protagonist. The film also stars Maria Ford, Gary Daniels, Eric Lee, Steven Vincent Leigh and Ron Yuan. The main theme of the film is love between two people whose families are at war with each other (essentially a modern take on Romeo and Juliet). This theme is symbolized throughout the film by a fortune cookie message with the words "Like a mountain lily, love grows on rocky terrain".


Johnny Woo, a doctor from Chinatown, meets Julie at his aunt's restaurant, when Julie mistakes him for a waiter. The two instantly fall in love and from this moment their fates are sealed. Unfortunately, Julie's boyfriend Chuck and her brother Brad from Little Italy are fighting a gang war with Chinatown, and this presents a major obstacle to Johnny and Julie's relationship. Julie breaks up with Chuck and this causes more trouble. Eventually, a fight is arranged to finally decide the victor in the gang war, to be fought Thai-style with broken glass in a ring of fire. The outcome is tragedy, as Johnny's cousin is killed. Relentlessly goaded by Brad and Chuck, Johnny finally agrees to fight Brad in a boxing ring. Faced with defeat, the cowardly Brad attacks Johnny with a samurai sword, but manages to slash his sister Julie. Ashamed of himself, Brad finally accepts the loss of Julie, who is carried out by Johnny.