Charlie Chan's Secret

Charlie Chan's Secret is a 1936 American mystery film directed by Gordon Wiles and starring Warner Oland, Henrietta Crosman and Rosina Lawrence. It is the tenth film in Fox's Charlie Chan series featuring Oland as the detective.


Charlie Chan has been investigating the whereabouts of Allen Colby, heir to a vast fortune. He recently made contact with his relations in San Francisco: his Aunt Henrietta Colby Lowell, her daughters Alice and Janice, and Janice's husband, Fred. The story opens as Allen is traced to a ship that has sunk, but it cannot be confirmed that he is dead. On the contrary, evidence is found that someone is trying to kill him to prevent his return to San Francisco to claim the estate.

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    director Gordon Wiles
    editor Nick DeMaggio
    genre mystery
    keywords charlie chan even murder old friend
    musicBy Samuel Kaylin
    producer John Stone Sol M. Wurtzel
    productionCompany 20th Century Fox
    publisher 20th Century Fox