Thavam is a 2007 Tamil-language romantic drama film directed by Sakthi Paramesh and produced by Arjun, who also has a cameo appearance in the film. A remake of the Telugu film Itlu Sravani Subramanyam, it stars Arun Vijay and Vandana Gupta while Vadivelu, Janagaraj, and Kalairani play supporting roles. The music was composed by D. Imman. The film released on 5 October 2007. The dialogue Aahan spoken by Vadivelu in this film is famous.


The movie begins with Sumathi (Vandana Gupta) and Subramaniam (Arun Vijay), strangers to one another, meeting at a suicide point in Chennai. They realise that their goal is the same: suicide. Both had chosen to end their lives and duly write suicide notes. Sumathy's reason for taking the extreme step is her nagging relatives, who are also her guardians. They are after her ancestral money. Subramaniam is cheated by a friend who promises a job for him in Dubai after taking Rs. 5 lakh from him. Both consume sleeping pills in a bid to end their lives in Subramaniam's room.