Os Parças (English: The Dudes) is a comedy feature-film, produced by Formata, distributed by Downtown and directed by Halder Gomes. The film features a cast composed of Tom Cavalcante, Bruno de Luca, Tirullipa and Whindersson Nunes. It was shot between May and June 2017. The first trailer of the movie was released on October 15, 2017, on Nunes's YouTube channel.


Fleeing trouble, a retail store announcer, two tricksters, and a scrambled computer technician are forced to take part in a scam. They are blackmailed by Mario, a con artist who takes advantage of the good faith of others to make money. The challenge is nothing less than setting up a wedding firm to produce the party of the daughter of the biggest smuggler on 25 de Março Street, the dreaded Vacário. Together they will face many challenges in the production of the party and will have to do everything not to arouse the suspicion of Vacário.

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    director Halder Gomes
    genre comedy
    keywords con artist force
    producer Formata Produções