Rudy Habibie

Rudy Habibie: Habibie & Ainun 2 (stylized in the poster as {rudy habibie} (Habibie & Ainun 2)) is a 2016 Indonesian biographical historical drama film directed by Hanung Bramantyo. It is a prequel of Habibie & Ainun. The film stars Reza Rahadian, Chelsea Islan, Boris Bokir, Ernest Prakasa, Pandji Pragiwaksono, Rey Bong and Bastian Bintang Simbolon.


Tuti Marini Puspowardojo and Alwi Abdul Jalil Habibie have four children, among which is Bacharuddin Jusuf "Rudy" Habibie. Rudy, a native of Parepare, is an aviation enthusiast, embraced by his father. Their family's early years are affected by the Japanese occupation of the Dutch East Indies, moving to Gorontalo, staying in Alwi's family's house, then to Makassar, where Alwi dies whilst in sujud. As an adult, Rudy goes to Aachen, West Germany for college. His green passport, issued to general citizens subjects him to prejudice, as those with blue passports, issued to scholarship holders, are somehow smart, labeling him dumb; Rudy proves them wrong by memorizing a bulk of orders at a cafe without noting them down.