Different Fortunes

Different Fortunes is a 1956 Soviet drama film directed by Leonid Lukov.


The film tells about young residents of Leningrad, finishing school. Sonia loves Stepu, who is in love with Tanya, and Tanya likes Fedor. Stepa goes to Siberia to study at the evening institute and work in parallel at the local plant. Sonia goes for Stepa and joins the team of the plant where he works. Tanya and Fedor got married and entered the institute, and Fedor, in addition, got a job as a chauffeur in order to bring money to the family. But this was not enough for Tanya, and for the sake of money she began a relationship with a self-sufficient composer.

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    contentLocation Saint Petersburg
    director Leonid Lukov
    genre drama
    keywords even finishing school married
    musicBy Nikita Bogoslovsky