Alex & Emma

Alex & Emma is a 2003 American romantic comedy film directed by Rob Reiner and starring Kate Hudson and Luke Wilson. Written by Jeremy Leven, the film is about a writer who must publish a novel in thirty days or face the wrath of loan sharks.


Alex Sheldon, a struggling writer, finds himself in a tricky situation. With writer's block and heavily in debt: he is broke, and must repay US$100,000 to the Cuban mafia. Since his publisher will give him the money when the novel is finished. He is given a 30-day ultimatum to pay the money he owes or they will kill him. And the only solution to this big problem is to finish his novel. Or rather, to start it, since he has not written one single line. But he has an idea for the story: A comedy about "the powerlessness of being in love, how love devours the insides of a person like a deadly virus".