Erotic Inferno

Erotic Inferno

Erotic Inferno is a 1975 British sex film, directed by Trevor Wrenn, and starring Chris Chittell, Karl Lanchbury, Jennifer Westbrook, Heather Deeley and Mary Millington (under her married name Mary Maxted). It is also known by the alternative title Adam and Nicole.


When Old Man Barnard (Anthony Kenyon), a millionaire, is reported drowned at sea his gold digging sons Paul (Karl Lanchbury) and Martin (Chris Chittell) come looking for their inheritance. Arriving at the Barnard family estate they renew an old enemy in Adam (Michael Watkins), their father's butler. He tells them the Barnard mansion has to remain locked and bolted until the will is read, begrudgingly all three men and their girlfriends will have to stay in the neighbouring farmhouse over the weekend. Unbeknown to him Adam is Old Man Barnard's illegitimate son, a fact Paul and Martin are determined to keep from him. Secretly they fear the whole inheritance will go to Adam. With their privileged lifestyles hanging by a thread the Brothers Barnard decide to pursue Adam's finance Nicole (Jenny Westbrook). Reasoning that she will know where Adam has hidden the keys to the mansion, so that they can break in and destroy evidence of Adam's parentage.