The Green Temptation

The Green Temptation is a lost 1922 American silent melodrama film directed by William Desmond Taylor and starring Betty Compson. It was written by Julia Crawford Ivers and Monte Katterjohn based upon the short story "The Noose" by Constance Lindsay Skinner.


Betty plays a girl who is involved in the Paris criminal underworld. During World War I she becomes a wartime Red Cross nurse and after the war leaves for America for a new start in life. There she meets an old wartime colleague (Kosloff), a criminal who is conniving to steal a valuable jewel called 'The Green Temptation'. Kosloff wants Betty to help him steal the jewel and when she balks he threatens to reveal her sordid past to her new American friends. Scotland Yard detective (Mahlon Hamilton), probably hired to protect the jewel, is sweet on Betty and kills Kosloff when he tries to steal the jewel.