Love with the Proper Stranger

Love with the Proper Stranger is a 1963 American romantic drama film made by Pakula-Mulligan Productions and Boardwalk Productions and released by Paramount Pictures. It was directed by Robert Mulligan and produced by Alan J. Pakula from a screenplay by Arnold Schulman.


The film tells the story of first generation Italian, Angie Rossini (Natalie Wood), a salesclerk at Macy's department store who finds herself pregnant after a one-night stand with part-time musician Rocky Papasano (Steve McQueen). When she confronts him at mass audition at Carnegie Hall he claims to not remember her. Her only request is that Rocky fund and find the name of a doctor that is willing to perform abortion. Meanwhile, Angie is being pressured by her working-class older brothers, played by Herschel Bernardi and Harvey Lembeck, to marry the unappealing but successful restaurateur Anthony (Tom Bosley).