Nobody's Baby

Nobody's Baby

Nobody's Baby is a 1937 American comedy film directed by Gus Meins and written by Harold Law, Hal Yates and Pat C. Flick. The film stars Patsy Kelly, Lyda Roberti, Lynne Overman, Robert Armstrong, Rosina Lawrence, and Don Alvarado. The film was released on April 23, 1937 by Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer.


Patsy and Lyda function essentially as a female Laurel and Hardy. After both fail to land jobs in radio, they end up rooming together. Patsy decides to become a nurse and Lyda follows; they actually fare somewhat better in these jobs. Along the way, they strike up chaste romances with a laconic detective (Overman) and a self-described hot-shot newspaperman (Armstrong). The plot finally rears its head with the arrival of an adagio dance team called Cortez and Yvonne (Alvarado and Lawrence). They're secretly married, but she leaves him in a huff after he insists on keeping it quiet—he doesn't know she's pregnant. Months later, she gives birth in the hospital where Patsy and Lyda work. They convince her to reconcile with Cortez and give him the news; she agrees, prevailing upon them to keep an eye on the baby. And then things really start to get out of hand.

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    director Gus Meins
    editor Ray Snyder
    genre comedy
    keywords baby dance team married
    musicBy Marvin Hatley
    producer Hal Roach
    productionCompany Hal Roach Studios
    publisher Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer