Yellow Cargo is a 1936 American Poverty Row crime film written and directed by Crane Wilbur for Grand National Pictures. The film was rereleased in 1947 as Sinful Cargo. Starring Conrad Nagel as Alan O'Connor and producer George A. Hirliman's wife Eleanor Hunt as Bobbie Reynolds, it was the first of four G-man film series; the others were Navy Spy (1937), The Gold Racket (1937), and Bank Alarm (1937).


Alan O'Connor, a Federal Agent with the Federal Bureau of Narcotics is transferred to the Immigration and Naturalization Service by flying to California in a Boeing 247, His mission is to use his expertise to assist them with identifying how a dangerous gang is infiltrating Chinese illegal immigrants into the United States. He meets newspaper reporter Bobbie Reynolds and her comedy relief photographer Speedy "Bulb" Callahan who are trying to obtain an interview with the director and producer of Globe Productions, a motion picture company who has yet to make a film. As O'Connor has stage acting experience, he his goaded by Reynolds to get a role with Globe Productions.