Fair and Worm-er

Fair and Worm-er is a 1946 Warner Bros. Merrie Melodies cartoon directed by Chuck Jones. The short was released on September 28, 1946.


A small worm is attempting to dine on a large delicious apple when he is attacked by a hungry black crow. The crow pursues the worm until he is suddenly attacked by a hungry cat. The cat chases the crow, only to be attacked by a vicious dog. The dog harasses the cat until he is suddenly set upon by the local dog catcher. The cartoon follows a rigorous chase between all the protagonists, with each generation of characters helping some while hindering others. (For example, the crow reasons: Dogs chase cats... Cats chase birds... I'm a bird... Therefore, I gotta help the dog...) Intermixed in the action are also the dog catcher's wife (armed with a rolling pin) who professes that she is afraid of neither man nor beast, and a tiny mouse (who informs her that HE is a beast - sending her in to a screaming fit). Also, there is a brief cameo by a skunk who may or may not be Pepé Le Pew.