Freeway is a 1988 American neo-noir thriller film directed by Francis Delia from a screenplay by Darrell Fetty and Delia, based on the 1978 novel of the same name by then-NBC head-of-programming Deanne Barkley. It stars Darlanne Fluegel, James Russo, Richard Belzer, Michael Callan, and Billy Drago.


After the earlier loss of her husband to the killer, Sarah "Sunny" Harper (Fluegel) becomes a witness to the work of a Biblically-obsessed spree killer (Drago) who shoots people on the freeway and who phones-in to a local radio talk station and quotes Biblical passages to the psychiatrist disc jockey (Belzer). After a lack of co-operation from the local police department, protected by a former cop named Frank Quinn (Russo), Harper later joins Quinn in trying to find the killer.