Freeway is a 1988 American neo-noir thriller film directed by Francis Delia from a screenplay by Darrell Fetty and Delia, based on the 1978 novel of the same name by then-NBC head-of-programming Deanne Barkley. It stars Darlanne Fluegel, James Russo, Richard Belzer, Michael Callan, and Billy Drago.


After her husband’s murderer escapes justice, Sarah "Sunny" Harper (Fluegel) witnesses the work of a spree killer (Drago) who shoots people on the freeway and later quotes Bible passages to a local radio station’s psychiatrist disc jockey (Belzer). Police are unwilling to listen to Sunny, but a former cop named Frank Quinn (Russo) agrees to protect her, and later the two join forces to find the deranged freeway killer before he strikes again.