Sahara is a 1919 American dramatic film written by C. Gardner Sullivan and directed by Arthur Rosson. The film starred Louise Glaum and told a story of love and betrayal in the Egyptian desert.


Silent film femme fatale, Louise Glaum, portrays the role of Mignon, a Parisian music hall celebrity. Mignon marries a young American civil engineer, John Stanley, portrayed by Matt Moore. Stanley is transferred to Egypt to work on an engineering project in the Sahara. Mignon and her son, portrayed by Pat Moore, join Stanley in the desert. Unhappy with life in the desert, Mignon leaves Stanley and her son in the desert and moves to Cairo with the wealthy Baron Alexis, portrayed by Edwin Stevens. Mignon lives in Baron Alexis' palace while Stanley goes blind and becomes addicted to the drug hasheesh. Mignon later encounters Stanley and her son, who have become beggars in the streets of Cairo. Mignon returns to the desert to care for her husband, and the two are reconciled.