Lemora (subtitle: A Child's Tale of the Supernatural; also known as The Legendary Curse of Lemora and Lemora, Lady Dracula) is a 1973 American horror film written and directed by Richard Blackburn, and starring Cheryl Smith, Hy Pyke, and Lesley Gilb. It follows a young girl in Prohibition-era America who travels to a mysterious town to visit her father, and uncovers a coterie of vampires.


During the Prohibition era, 13-year-old Lila Lee is summoned by a letter to visit her injured father, a gangster, before he dies. She runs away from the Reverend, who has raised her and in whose church she has become well known as a singer, though her extraordinary beauty is beginning to attract attention as well. She ends up taking a bus to her father's purported location, the strange town of Astaroth, where people have the "Astaroth Look."