Ek Naya Rishta

Ek Naya Rishta

Ek Naya Rishta is a 1988 Indian drama film. The film was produced and directed by Vinod Pande, starring Rekha, Raj Kiran, Mazhar Khan and Om Shivpuri among others. The film is a modern take on relationships, business, independence, interdependence and the institution of marriage and hints at indirect surrogacy. It was perhaps the first movie of its time to talk about surrogacy. It also highlighted how society forces the helpless to fall prey to the murky business of prostitution and lesbianism.


Womanizer and alcoholic Rajiv Tandon lives a wealthy lifestyle with his widowed industrialist dad, Shankardayal in a palatial house. Rajiv is not interested in marriage, or in any permanent relationship with any woman. His dad dies, he wills that all his wealth and money will only be inherited by Rajiv after he gets a son within 18 months of his death. Thus follows a series of incidents, where he starts searching for a suitable woman who would give birth to his child sans any demand of marriage. He readily offers a huge sum and a luxurious lifestyle to a woman whose willing to give birth without becoming his permanent responsibility.


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    director Vinod Pande
    editor Om Prakash Makkar
    genre drama
    keywords inherit search widow
    musicBy Mohammed Zahur Khayyam
    producer Vinod Pande