Dil e Jaanam

Dil-e-Jaanam, is a Pakistani television series that first aired on 1 March 2017 on Hum TV. It features Zahid Ahmed and Hina Altaf in leads. It was given Wednesdays 8:00 pm slot but due to low rating and after 7 episodes, it was switched to Fridays at 8:00 p.m., giving way to Yaqeen Ka Safar. Due to the low ratings channel decided to off-air the series. The last episode was aired 21 July 2017.


Two cousins, Eshal (Hina Altaf Khan) and Shavez (Zahid Ahmed), are engaged from childhood. But conditions change, when Shavez starts taking interest in a girl, Asma (Zhalay Sarhadi) but she doesn't agree. After three years of struggle, she agrees to marry him. At that time, she is an orphan girl. His parents, Rabiya (Shaheen Khan) and Rehman (Usman Peerzada) are unaware of fact and prepare to marry Shavez with his maternal uncle Usman (Anwar Iqbal)'s daughter Eshal. While, Eshal has a friend Haris (Imran Ashraf), who helps her with all types of problems. Eshal does not have feelings for him but he loves her. On the wedding day, Shavez does his nikah with Asma and expresses his love for her in front of his parents. His parents are shocked to see them. A devastated Rabiya goes to apologize to her brother and sister-in-law . But they say her that it is not her fault as Shavez always wanted to marry Asma. Haris kidnaps Eshal because as Shavez has left her on the way. She doesn't agree to marry him. On the day of her marriage with Asad, he kidnaps her and shows her his face. All feel sorry for her that she wasn't found but Haris, knowing that he had kidnapped her, any as he is also unknown. He leaves her after 3 days but still looks angry at her. All are oblivious of the fact that Haris had kidnapped her and are happy that Eshal is found.