Glen or Glenda

Glen or Glenda

Glen or Glenda is a 1953 American exploitation film written, directed by and starring Ed Wood (credited in his starring role as "Daniel Davis"), and featuring Bela Lugosi and Wood's then-girlfriend Dolores Fuller. It was produced by George Weiss who also made the exploitation film Test Tube Babies that same year.


The film begins with a narrator, called The Scientist (Bela Lugosi), making cryptic comments about humanity. He first comments that humanity's constant search for the unknown results in startling things coming to light. But most of these "new" discoveries are actually quite old, which he refers to as "the signs of the ages". Later, the scene turns to the streets of a city, with the narrator commenting that each human has his/her own thoughts, ideas, and personality. He makes further comments on human life, while sounds accompany some comments. The cries of a newborn baby are followed by the sirens of an ambulance. One is a sign that a new life has begun, the other that a life has ended.<ref name="Radiation">{{cite web |url= |title=The Unbroken Dream of Edward D. Wood, Jr.' |date= June 14, 2009 |accessdate=November 19, 2013 |author= Mykal |publisher=Radiation Cinema}}</ref>

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    director Ed Wood
    editor Bud Schelling
    genre drama
    keywords 32nd golden raspberry awards alter ego angora angora wool argentina arrest autoerotic autoeroticism bdsm belgium best man bison blackboard bottom british board of film classification bury chauvinism christine jorgensen cinema of the united states clothe cold war conrad brooks conscript conscription cross-dressing in film and television damn damnation deleted scene denied classification deviance devil distributed operating system dominant drag dream sequence drive-in market drive-in theater drug-addicted drug addiction dvd ed wood filmography electric chair end exploitation film fetish objects follow france getting married golden turkey awards grindhouse groomsman halloween halloween party haunt history of film hollywood homosexual homosexuality howl id intersex jack and jill laserdisc leonard maltin limited in release limited release list of films banned in the united kingdom list of films considered the worst little boy little girl male chauvinism married master/slave mcfarland & company military service monthly film bulletin new life nothing open outer space plan 9 from bell labs plan 9 from outer space pseudo-hermaphrodite pseudonym public opinion pulp novel rape record reject republic of china return home rudolph grey secret life sex change sex change operation sex change operations sexual fetishism spectre stock footage string striptease submissive suicide suicide note teen movie than the thunder tim burton timothy farrell top transgender in film and television transvestism transvestite trap troubled production understand unidentified man voice wait walk want wed whip world war ii
    musicBy William Lava
    producer George Weiss
    publisher Screen Classics
    recordedAt Los Angeles
    theme docudrama exploitation lgbt-related sexploitation teen