Dabbevariki Chedu

Dabbevariki Chedu

Dabbevariki Chedu ( Money is Bitter to Whom?) is a 1987 Telugu-language comedy film, produced by S. Ramalingaraju under the Tarakanama Movies banner and directed by Relangi Narasimha Rao. It stars Rajendra Prasad, Chandra Mohan, Seetha and music composed by Vasu Rao. The film is the debut of actress Seetha in the Telugu film industry.


The film begins in a village where a rich landlord Viswanatham (Suthi Veerabhadra Rao) has 3 daughters Devi (Manochitra), Swarna (Sulakshana), Mamatha (Seeta) respectively; and a son Manohar (Eeswar Rao). The first two daughters are got married, elder son-in-law Govardhanam (Sarath Babu) and second Lakshmikanth (Chandra Mohan) are avaricious people who are behind their father-in-law's property for which they falsify him with affection. Here, Viswanatham's brother-in-law (Suthi Velu) whom he calls with various names claims them as deceptive which he denies. Meanwhile, Viswanatham receives a letter from his childhood friend Udaya Bhaskaram that his son is visiting their village. But, unfortunately, he overdue when Vidyasagar (Rajendra Prasad) a journalist lands therein whom they mistake as Udaya Bhaskaram's son and gives hospitality. Currently, Vidyasagar & Mamatha falls in love. After some time, the truth comes forward when Mamatha leaves the house and marries Vidyasagar. Meanwhile, Viswanatham & his brother-in-law move for a pilgrimage and the bus they are traveling meets with a disastrous accident in which Viswanatham dies. Thereafter, his children receive a funny will in which it is written that Viswanatham's fixed deposit amount of 50 lakhs is picked up by the daughter who takes divorce. There onwards, a comic tale when the 3 couples take divorce. At last, it is revealed that Viswanatham is alive and made a play to find out whether his children's affection is true or false. Finally, everyone apologizes to him and the movie ends on a happy note by Viswanatham performing remarriage of his daughters & sons-in-law.

    More details

    director Relangi Narasimha Rao
    editor D. Raja Gopal
    genre comedy
    keywords married travel
    musicBy Vasu Rao
    producer S. Ramalingaraju
    productionCompany Tarakanama Movies