Rosappu Ravikkaikari

Rosappu Ravikkaikari

Rosappu Ravikkaikari is a 1979 Indian Tamil-language romance film directed by Devaraj–Mohan and produced by Thirupur Mani. A remake of the 1978 Kannada film Parasangada Gendethimma, itself adapted from Srikrishna Alanahalli's novella of the same name, the film stars Sivakumar, Deepa and Sivachandran. Set in British-ruled India, it revolves around a modern woman who cannot tolerate her rustic husband and her mother-in-law, and engages in an extramarital affair.


In British-ruled India, Sembattayan, a naive and illiterate villager, is the sole breadwinner of his family in Vandicholai. He makes a living by selling betel leaves, covering fast distances by foot. His mother gets him married to Nandhini, an educated and modern woman from a neighbouring village. The villagers are surprised that Sembattayan has such a wife and start suspecting her character for stooping down to the level of marrying Sembattayan, who is a complete mismatch for her. Nandhini finds it difficult to live in their home which lacks all the facilities she is used to.