Yamakinkarudu is a 1982 Indian Telugu-language action film directed by Raj Bharat and produced by Allu Aravind. This film stars Chiranjeevi, Raadhika, and Sarath Babu. The screenplay was mainly adapted from the 1979 film Dirty Harry and Mad Max. It was a moderate success at the box-office.


Vijay (Chiranjeevi) and Kishore (Sarath Babu) are childhood friends and both work in police department. They put a goon called Jackal behind bars and he vows revenge on them before going to jail. Kishore's sister (Raadhika) is in love with vijay. They get married and have a kid. Jackal escapes from jail and kills Kishore. Now its Vijay's turn to bring Jackal and his gang to justice and put an end to their atrocities.

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    director Raj Bharat
    genre action
    keywords childhood friends married police department raadhika sarath babu
    musicBy K. Chakravarthy
    producer Allu Aravind
    productionCompany Geetha Arts