Symphony is a 2004 Malayalam-language Indian feature film directed by I. V. Sasi and produced by M N Thankachan, starring newcomers Siva and Anu Sasi with Swathi Varma, Riyaz Khan, Jagadish and Jagathi Sreekumar The film was among the biggest box-office disasters of 2004.


Symphony is the story of Jijo Samson (Shiva), a musician. His troupe comprises Shruthi (Anu) who has left her family as she is in love with Jijo. One day they reach a lake-side resort to compose a new music album for Dominic Kalarickal (Jagathy Sreekumar). Jijo meets Sandra (Swati Verma) there and he falls for her despite knowing that she is a married woman to Satyanath (Riaz Khan). An extra marital affair develops as Shruthi is shattered. Things heat up as Satyanath arrives...


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    director I. V. Sasi
    editor Vijaya Kumar
    keywords married woman to compose
    musicBy Deepak Dev
    producer M N Thankachan for EGNA Films
    publisher EGNA Films