Nadiya Ke Paar

Nadiya Ke Paar

Nadiya Ke Paar (; ) is a 1982 Indian drama film directed by Govind Moonis. Based on the first half of the novel Kohbar Ki Shart by Keshav Prasad Mishra. It featured an ensemble cast comprising Sachin, Sadhana Singh, Inder Thakur, Mitali, Savita Bajaj, Sheela David, Leela Mishra and Soni Rat.


A farmer from eastern Uttar Pradesh lives in a village with his two nephews Omkar and Chandan. He falls ill and is treated by a Vaidya (indigenous medical practitioner) from another village across river. When the farmer feels okay, he asks the Vaidya about his fees. The Vaidya who is a father of two daughters, asks for the farmer's elder nephew, Omkar, to marry his elder daughter, Roopa. The farmer readily agrees. Omkar has a younger brother Chandan and Roopa has a younger sister Gunja.