La fuga

La fuga (The Escape) is a 2001 Argentine film directed by Eduardo Mignogna.


On 17 April 1928, seven inmates from the National Penitentiary in Buenos Aires manage to escape by tunneling their way out of prison: Laureano Irala, an ex-con, Domingo 'El Pibe' Santalón, an expert poker player and forger, Julio 'El Profesor' Bordiola, a bookmaker, Tomás Opitti, an airplane pilot, Belisário 'El Pampa' Zacarías and Omar 'El Turco' Zajur, both kidnappers and murderers, and Camillo Vallejo, an anarchist. They accidentally reach a coal store run by an old couple and succeed in leaving the place: however, El Pampa dies after being crushed by the falling tunnel and the old lady dies of a heart attack soon after the inmates flee.