Land of Hunted Men

Land of Hunted Men

Land of Hunted Men is a 1943 American Western film directed by S. Roy Luby. The film is the twenty-first in Monogram Pictures' "Range Busters" series and it stars Ray "Crash" Corrigan as Crash, Dennis Moore as Denny and Max Terhune as Alibi, with Phyllis Adair, Charles King and John Merton.


Range Buster Denny Moore is shot while trying to capture stagecoach robbers. He joins his fellow Range Busters, Crash and Alibi, and hides at a line shack owned by rancher "Dad" Oliver. As they investigate the robbers, they uncover a web of deceit involving businessman Faro Wilson and mine manager Pelham. With the help of their resourceful cook, Snowflake, the Range Busters expose the truth, defeat the outlaws, and bring them to justice, before riding off to their next adventure.