A Man Named Rocca

A Man Named Rocca

A Man Named Rocca (, ) is a 1961 French-Italian crime-thriller film directed by Jean Becker and starring Jean Paul Belmondo. It is based on the 1958 novel L'Excommunié by José Giovanni. Belmondo appeared in another film version of this novel in 1972, directed by Giovanni, called Bad Luck.


Roberto La Rocca is an ex-gangster who is told by "The Mexican" that his friend Xavier Adé has been imprisoned for a murder he did not commit. He goes to Marseilles to meet Adé's partner Villanova.

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    contentLocation Marseille
    director Jean Becker
    genre crime thriller
    keywords frame up gamble kill land mine
    musicBy Claude Normand
    producer Adry De Carbuccia Roland Girard
    recordedAt La Couronne Marseille