The Man from Toronto

The Man from Toronto

The Man from Toronto is a 1933 British romantic comedy film directed by Sinclair Hill and starring Jessie Matthews, Ian Hunter and Frederick Kerr. After an inheritance is left to them if they marry, an Englishwoman and a Canadian must meet for the first time to investigate the other - with comedic results. Matthews was considered a rising film star at the time of the production, and she quickly became one of Gainsborough Pictures' leading names.


Lawyer Bunston (Frederick Kerr) informs Englishwoman Leslie Farrar (Jessie Matthews), his niece by marriage, that she will inherit a quarter of a million if she marries Canadian Fergus Wimbush. The trouble is they have never met. Leslie is furious, certain that the deceased made the will to get back at her for not marrying him by pressuring her to wed his nephew. When Leslie refuses to comply with the condition, Bunston lets Mrs. Hubbard's cottage for Leslie, as she must cut down on her expenses.

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    contentLocation England
    director Sinclair Hill
    editor R. E. Dearing
    genre comedy
    keywords toronto
    musicBy Louis Levy
    producer Michael Balcon
    productionCompany Gainsborough Pictures
    publisher Ideal Films
    theme romantic comedy