On Again-Off Again

On Again-Off Again

On Again-Off Again is a 1937 American musical comedy film, released by RKO Radio Pictures starring the comedy team Wheeler & Woolsey.


William Hobbs and Claude Horton are the owners of the drug manufacturing company "Horton and Hobbs' Pink Pills". Although the two couldn't have possibly started the business without each other, they continuously bicker over everything. Eventually, the duo talk their lawyer, George Dilwig, into coming up with a way to split the team up. Annoyed by Horton and Hobbs constantly bothering him, Dilwig sarcastically suggests the two get into a wrestling match. The winner gains full ownership of the company, while the loser becomes the winner's butler for one year.

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    director Edward F. Cline
    editor John Lockert
    genre comedy
    keywords drug manufacturing manufacture wrestling match
    musicBy Dave Dreyer
    producer Lee S. Marcus Samuel J. Briskin
    productionCompany RKO Pictures
    publisher RKO Radio Pictures
    theme musical comedy