The Masqueraders

The Masqueraders

The Masqueraders is a 1915 American drama silent film directed by James Kirkwood, Sr. The film stars Hazel Dawn, Elliott Dexter, Frank Losee, Norman Tharp, Ida Darling and Evelyn Farris. It is an adaptation of the 1894 play by English dramatist Henry Arthur Jones. The film was released on October 28, 1915, by Paramount Pictures.


High-born but poor Dulcie Larondie is working as a bar maid in the Skagg Inn when she accepts a marriage proposal from the wealthy Sir Brice Skene, rejecting in the process the love of David Remon, an impoverished astronomer. Sir Brice turns out to be a drunk, a gambler and a wife-beater, who loses his fortune four years into the marriage. Remon wins her back in a game of cards with Skene, who is shortly afterwards murdered by a blackmailing acquaintance. This leaves Dulcie free to marry David.

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    contentLocation England
    director James Kirkwood
    genre drama
    keywords impoverish marriage proposal murder
    producer Adolph Zukor Daniel Frohman
    productionCompany Famous Players Film Company
    publisher Paramount Pictures
    theme silent