Ambuli /the Moon

Ambuli (trans. Moon) is a 2012 Tamil language period science fiction thriller film written and directed by Hari Shankar and Hareesh Narayan, who earlier directed Orr Eravuu (2010), and produced by KTVR Loganathan. The film features an ensemble cast, including R. Parthiban, Gokulnath, Jagan, P. S. Srijith, R. Ajay, Sanam Shetty, and Jothisha.


The film begins with happenings in the cornfields in a village in South India, where a British forest ranger, who is in charge of the fields, has been alerted by some strange noises coming from inside the fields. He sets out with his dog and searches for the source of this noise. Suddenly, the dog is being dragged inside and brutally killed by an unknown beast creature. Then, the ranger is also dragged inside and killed. Then the film shifts to the 1970s, where a college farewell party for Sir Arthur Wellington College is taking place. Two college friends, Amudhan and Vendhan, have decided to stay back in the college hostel and spend the vacation there. This is mainly because Amudhan's college girlfriend Poongavanam lives in the nearby village of Poomanandhipuram, where her father is the village landlord. The only thing that lies between the college and the village is the same cornfield, which is now currently being protected by a big wall that is believed to be the hunting grounds of the strange creature, that the people now call Ambuli. One night, despite warnings from Vendhan, Amudhan decides to go through the cornfield to reach Poomanandhipuram to meet Poongavanam. He makes the first trip successfully, but while he returns, he hears the same strange noise and is chased and thrown off his bike by Ambuli, which is not yet shown onscreen. Amudhan runs for his life and reaches the college, where he meets Vendhan, tells him what happened, and reveals to him that Ambuli is real. Vendhan is little convinced by Amudhan's narration of his story, and they both decide to visit the cornfield together that night to see what is happening. They both travel the entire field, reach a corner, and find a wooden cabin, which is where the ranger once lived, and they meet a mysterious man named Sengodan there. Sengodan guards the fields, but his looks cause suspicion to Amudhan and Vendhan that he might be Ambuli. However, Sengodan does not harm them, and Amudhan and Vendhan escape the cabin.