Guppedu Manasu / Nool Veli

Guppedu Manasu / Nool Veli

Guppedu Manasu is a 1979 Telugu language film directed by K. Balachander starring Sarath Babu, Sujatha and Saritha in prominent roles. It was a bilingual film made simultaneously in Tamil as Nool Veli. The film was a remake of the Malayalam film Aa Nimisham. Kamal Haasan does a guest role in both Tamil and Telugu versions.


Buchi Babu (Sarath Babu), an architect, his wife Vidya (Sujatha), a writer, and their young daughter, move in next door to Srimati, an out of work actress who is living with her teenage daughter Baby. Vidya also works at the Andhra Pradesh Film Censor Board.