Bava Marudula Saval

Bava Marudula Saval is a 1988 ( Brothers-in-law's Challenge) Telugu-language action drama film, produced by P. Appa Rao under the Quality Pictures banner and directed by C. V. Ganesh. It stars Rajendra Prasad, Dr. Rajasekhar, Ramya Krishna and music composed by Sivaji Raja.


The film begins with two soulmates Jai Kumar (Rajendra Prasad) & Vijaykanth (Dr. Rajasekhar). Ongoing Jai becomes a Police Officer and Vijay an Advocate. As follows, they turn their friendship into a relationship by coupling up with one other's sisters Ramya (Ramya Krishna) & Kalpana (Kalpana) respectively. Here, Vijay has one more friend Ranjeet Kumar (Sarath Babu), a multimillionaire whom Jai suspects as a criminal. Meanwhile, Ranjeet is indicted in the crime of slaying his secretary Rupa (Jeevitha Rajashekar) who dies in a suspicious situation. At Present, Jai takes Ranjeet into custody and Vijay picks up the case as defense counsel when a conflict arises between them which disturbs their family life too. All at once, Jai & Vijay realizes the real culprit is Parasuram (again Sarath Babu) one that resembles Ranjeet. At last, brothers-in-law unite, ceases the baddies and acquits Ranjeet. Finally, the movie ends on a happy note by 3 friends continuing their friendship.

    More details

    director C. V. Ganesh
    editor S. P. S. Veerappa V. Vijay
    genre action drama
    keywords family life police officer slay
    musicBy Sivaji Raja
    producer P. Appa Rao
    productionCompany Quality Pictures
    theme action drama