The Bandit of Zhobe

The Bandit of Zhobe

The Bandit of Zhobe is a 1959 British CinemaScope adventure film directed by John Gilling and starring Victor Mature, Anne Aubrey and Anthony Newley. In British India a bandit goes on a rampage in the mistaken belief that the British have killed his family, which later proves to not be the case. It was produced by Albert Broccoli for Warwick Films and features extensive use of footage from Gilling's previous Zarak.


A bandit with a price on his head, is seen this time blind for revenge.

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    contentLocation British India
    director John Gilling
    editor Bert Rule
    genre adventure historical
    keywords wife and child
    musicBy Kenneth V. Jones
    producer Albert R. Broccoli Irving Allen
    productionCompany Warwick Films
    publisher Columbia Pictures