Zoya Sawleha

Zoya Sawleha

Zoya Sawleha is a 2017 Pakistani drama serial directed by Najaf Bilgrami, produced by Babar Javed and written by Madiha Shahid. The drama stars Madiha Imam, Nausheen Shah and Wahaj Ali in lead roles, and first aired on 4 July 2017 on Geo Entertainment continuing every Monday and Tuesday at 10:00 P.M.


Zoya Sualiha is about a widow named Asmat and her two daughters, Shahwaar and Zoya. She is worried about Shahwaar whose age is around 35 and no one wants to marry her due to the family's poor finances. Zoya wants to be a lawyer in order to reclaim their occupied property back from their uncle (Taya) who by injustice stole their inheritance and made them leave the house after his brother's death. Zoya starts her law study, while her taya threatens her not to study law but she continues in spite of all menaces.


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    genre drama
    keywords engage
    publisher Geo Entertainment