The Abandonment

The Abandonment is a 1916 American silent drama film directed by Donald MacDonald starring Helene Rosson, Forrest Taylor and Harry von Meter. The feature-length film was produced at Mutual's studios in Santa Barbara, California. It was part of Mutual Film Corporation's Masterpicture series, which were based on works of prominent fiction; the story was written by Kenneth B. Clarke. The Abandonment was released June 15, 1916.


Dr. Edmund B. Stewart is a talented young physician who is working hard to build both his professional reputation and practice. He is engaged to Emily Thurston, whose father is said to be wealthy. The Thurstons move in the best social circles, and Emily is congratulated because her fiancé is a successful man. Emily loves Edmund, but is unhappy at the amount of time he spends working at his practice. Stewart's work schedule has caused her to miss many social engagements.