Honeymoon with a Stranger

Honeymoon with a Stranger is a 1969 American made-for-television mystery-thriller film starring Janet Leigh, Rossano Brazzi, Cesare Danova, Eric Braeden and Barbara Steele. Directed by John Peyser and based on the French play Piège pour un homme seul (Trap for a Lonely Man) by Robert Thomas, the film premiered as the ABC Movie of the Week on December 23, 1969.


Sandra Latham is an American woman honeymooning with her wealthy new husband Ernesto at his Spanish villa. But the next morning, Sandra awakens only to be confronted with a stranger who insists that he's her husband. She goes to the authorities who, unfortunately, believe the stranger's story and so Sandra begins a frenzied search for her new husband. When her sister-in-law Carla arrives accompanied by a totally different man who claims he's Ernesto, Sandra begins fearing for her own sanity.

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    contentLocation Spain
    genre mystery thriller
    keywords morning
    publisher American Broadcasting Company
    theme mystery thriller