Honeymoon with a Stranger

Honeymoon with a Stranger is a 1969 American made-for-TV mystery-thriller film starring Janet Leigh, Rossano Brazzi, Cesare Danova, Eric Braeden and Barbara Steele. Directed by John Peyser and based on the play Trap for a Single Man by Robert Thomas, the film premiered as the ABC Movie of the Week on December 23, 1969.


Multimillionaire Ernesto De Cardi and Sandra, his new American bride, arrive at his spacious villa in Batres, Spain, where they are welcomed by an elderly servant, Juanito. Sandra is awestruck by the scale of the villa, but they’re interrupted by frequent blasting nearby to widen a mountain road. Sandra wants to be alone with Eduardo, so he allows Juanito to go home to his farm. After a night of heavy drinking, the two go to bed. His Rolls-Royce drives off in the middle of the night.