Marked Woman

Marked Woman is a 1937 American dramatic crime film released by Warner Bros. It was directed by Lloyd Bacon, and stars Bette Davis and Humphrey Bogart, with featured performances by Lola Lane, Isabel Jewell, Rosalind Marquis, Mayo Methot, Jane Bryan, Eduardo Ciannelli, and Allen Jenkins. Set in the underworld of Manhattan, Marked Woman tells the story of a woman who dares to stand up to one of the city's most powerful gangsters.


The notorious underworld czar Johnny Vanning (Eduardo Ciannelli) becomes the owner of a gaudy New York night club and re-names it Club Intimate. He exploits and mistreats the club's "hostesses" - Mary (Bette Davis), Gabby (Lola Lane), Emmy Lou (Isabel Jewell), Florrie (Rosalind Marquis), and Estelle (Mayo Methot) - in order to get their loyalty and obedience. At the club, Mary entices a young man (Damian O'Flynn) into betting and losing more money than he can afford. On the way home, he confides in her that he does not have the money to repay the gambling debt. He feels that it's a game, but Mary warns him that he is in real danger and to get out of town quickly. She is shocked, but not surprised, to learn soon after that he has been murdered, by Vanning's henchman Charlie Delaney (Ben Welden). District Attorney David Graham (Humphrey Bogart) brings Vanning to trial, feeling he has a clear-cut case against him. But, Mary and the other women refuse to implicate Vanning, fearing his retribution.