The Oyster Princess

The Oyster Princess

The Oyster Princess is a 1919 German silent comedy film directed by Ernst Lubitsch and starring Victor Janson, Ossi Oswalda and Harry Liedtke. It is a grotesque comedy in four acts about an American millionaire's spoiled daughter's marriage that does not go as planned.


The film opens in the mansion where Mr. Quaker, the American “Oyster King,” resides with his unmarried daughter, Ossi, accompanied by a large staff of butlers. After hearing about a rival debutante's recent royal marriage, Ossi throws a tantrum. Also competitive, Mr. Quaker promises his daughter that he will find a suitable royal for her to marry. They engage a matchmaker, who locates Prince Nucki, an indebted down-on-his-luck royal, who hides his wealth from his poorer friends and his poverty from his wealthier associates. Hoping that the match could improve his financial situation, Prince Nucki agrees to send his friend Josef to meet Ossi oh his behalf.

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    director Ernst Lubitsch
    genre comedy
    keywords break in end hear laugh married meet unmarried wedding reception
    musicBy Aljoscha Zimmermann
    producer Paul Davidson
    productionCompany PAGU
    publisher Universum Film AG