Chak De Phattey

Chak De Phattey is a 2008 Indian Punjabi language comedy adventure film produced by Devinder Sandhu and directed by Smeep Kang.


The story revolves around Simran who is a Canadian NRI working as a manager at a local cafeteria in Chandigarh. JB, Goldy, and Pinka Bhoond, are three of the four main characters who chase Simran all through the movie. All three of them are more interested in Canada than in Simran. Smeep on the other hand actually loves Simran from the deepness of his heart. He fell for her beauty since the time he saw her for the first time three years ago during Simran's hotel management course. Since then, he has lost track of her whereabouts, but he still keeps a greeting card that he had bought for her three years ago. Smeep and Goldy are roommates and live in Chandigarh as well.