Men of the North

Men of the North is a 1930 American Western film directed by Hal Roach and written by Richard Schayer from a story by Willard Mack. The film stars Gilbert Roland, Barbara Leonard, Arnold Korff, Robert Elliott and George Davis. The film was released on September 27, 1930, by Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer. It is notable as the only film Roach made as a director-for-hire, as he normally functioned as a producer.


Louis (Roland), a charming French-Canadian, is accused of stealing gold from a mine by Mountie Sergeant Mooney (Elliot) after getting a tip from Louis' girl friend, Woolie-Woolie (Quartero), who correctly suspects he has fallen in love with Nedra (Leonard), the mine owner's daughter. Louis has to work hard to prove his innocence, even to the point of saving other characters' lives in a series of incidents.

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    director Hal Roach
    editor Tom Held
    genre western
    keywords steal
    producer George E. Kann
    productionCompany Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer
    publisher Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer