Canada Russia '72

Canada Russia '72

Canada Russia '72 is a 2006 Canadian documentary-style miniseries about the 1972 Summit Series. The two-part miniseries was directed by T. W. Peacocke and written by Barrie Dunn and Malcolm MacRury. Canada Russia '72 first aired on consecutive nights on CBC on April 9 and 10 of 2006.


The miniseries begins in medias res on September 8, 1972, as Team Canada takes the ice for Game 4 of the series in Vancouver. The team is shocked from the boos they receive from their home crowd and the cheers for the Soviet team. The film then cuts back five months earlier to April 1972 with Alan Eagleson meeting with Gabrielle Fournier, an official with External Affairs Canada, and the heads of the Soviet (headed by Alexander Gresko) and Canadian hockey programmes (headed by Joe Kryczka and Charles Hay) in Prague, Czechoslovakia. They finalize the deal for an eight-game hockey series between the USSR and a team compiled of the best Canadian NHL players.