Die Einsamkeit der Krokodile

Die Einsamkeit der Krokodile (The Loneliness of the Crocodiles) is a German satiric crime film directed and produced by Jobst Oetzmann, based on a novel by . The director's first film for the cinema, it was filmed in 1999 and presented in 2000. It was a German contribution at the Cannes Film Festival, and was awarded the Bayerischer Filmpreis.


Günther, the strictly raised son of a village butcher, becomes an outcast (Außenseiter) because his crazy ideas challenge the local community. He desires to escape his narrow surroundings, but ends up in a psychiatric clinic. Back in the care of his parents, he dies, allegedly by suicide. Elias, who trains to be a journalist, becomes intrigued in investigating this strange story of a lost life, and through it finds himself.


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    director Jobst Oetzmann
    editor Christel Suckow
    genre crime
    keywords psychiatric clinic
    musicBy Dieter Schleip
    producer Jobst Oetzmann