Africa is a 1930 Walter Lantz cartoon short featuring Oswald the Lucky Rabbit.


Oswald is riding through the Egyptian desert on his camel. The camel, though looking real on the exterior, is actually mechanical because of the two ball-shaped pistons inside which Oswald manipulates with his feet like bike pedals. One day, a lion was running toward them. To defend himself, Oswald brought out a rifle but it malfunctioned. As a final resort, Oswald fires the ball pistons from the camel like a cannon and aims into the lion's mouth. Terrified by its lumpy back, the lion runs away in panic.

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    contentLocation Egypt
    director Walter Lantz
    keywords better life queen b rid run
    musicBy James Dietrich
    producer Walter Lantz
    productionCompany Walter Lantz Productions
    publisher Universal Pictures
    theme animated animated short cartoon