Madame Aema 8

Madame Aema 8

Madame Aema 8 (애마부인 8 - Aema Buin 8) is a 1993 South Korean film directed by Suk Do-won. It was the eighth entry in the Madame Aema series, the longest-running film series in Korean cinema.


Following the multiple-Aema theme started in Madame Aema 6, this entry in the series has two women named Madame Aema. Both women are dancers, and are friends who differ in their thoughts on marriage. One believes in remaining single, and the other believes in marriage, and does so. After being disappointed with her husband's cheating and gambling, she leaves him. They are later reconciled after the husband repents of his behavior.


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    director Suk Do-won
    editor Cho Ki-hyung
    keywords cheat gamble madame aema 6
    musicBy Gang In-hyeok
    producer Choe Chun-ji
    theme erotic sequel south korean