The Hills Run Red

The Hills Run Red is a 2009 American slasher film directed by Dave Parker and written by David J. Schow and starring Sophie Monk, Tad Hilgenbrink and William Sadler.


Film student Tyler is obsessed with the horror film The Hills Run Red, considered the scariest movie ever made, with the deranged serial killer Babyface in the lead role. However, the film's director, Wilson Wyler Concannon, disappeared years ago, and no known copy of the film exists. Tyler's obsession leads him to neglect his girlfriend, Serina, who begins cheating on him with the couple's close friend, Lalo. When Tyler discovers that Concannon's daughter Alexa works in a nightclub as a stripper, he decides to meet her and ask about the lost film. He visits Alexa and asks her about the project as she gives him a nude lap dance and later brings him home, where he forces her to comply with him. Alexa informs Tyler that the movie might be in her father's home in the woods.