Zee and Co.

Zee and Co (also known as X Y and Zee and Zee and Company) is a 1972 British drama film directed by Brian G. Hutton and starring Elizabeth Taylor, Michael Caine, and Susannah York. Released by Columbia Pictures, it was based upon a novel by Edna O'Brien. The screenplay concerns a middle-aged, bickering couple whose marriage is near its end, and the woman who comes between them.


Zee Blakely is a loud, coarse, 40-something socialite, whose marriage to her architect husband Robert is on the rocks as witnessed by their frequent verbal sparring matches. Sick of Zee's antics, Robert is drawn to quiet boutique owner Stella who is the complete antithesis to Zee in terms of personality.

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    contentLocation London
    director Brian G. Hutton
    editor Jim Clark
    genre drama
    keywords love triangle reject rock
    musicBy Stanley Myers
    producer Elliot Kastner Jay Kanter
    productionCompany Zee Company
    publisher Columbia Pictures
    theme lgbt-related