Geng: The Adventure Begins

Geng: The Adventure Begins

Geng: The Adventure Begins (, originally Geng: Misteri Hantu Durian) is a 2009 Malaysian Malay-language 3D animated adventure film. Based on the characters created by Les' Copaque, the film was directed by Nizam Razak from the screenplay of his friend, Anas Abdul Aziz and Ehsan Azharuddin and story by Nizam, Anas and Ainon Ariff who served as producer.


The movie begins with Badrol and Lim watching the news covering about the sudden disappearance of durians in Badrol's home village, Kampung Durian Runtuh. A news reporter interviews Badrol's grandfather Tok Dalang about the previous night (a durian fell but something managed to eat it and leave the durians shell clean). Tok Dalang and the locals dub the "something" a durian ghost since its unknown of who or what is eating the durians late at night. Badrol gets skeptical and decides to go to the village, taking Lim along with him.