Guns & Talks

Guns & Talks is a 2001 South Korean film written and directed by Jang Jin. Starring Shin Hyun-joon, Won Bin, Shin Ha-kyun, Jung Jae-young and Jung Jin-young, the black comedy is about a group of four assassins-for-hire, with a dogged prosecutor on their trail.


In the middle of downtown Seoul, mysterious bombings and murders are taking place. Four men leave a crime scene, skillfully evading the police. This eccentric band of killers consists of team leader Sang-yeon (Shin Hyun-joon), bomb specialist Jung-woo (Shin Ha-kyun), sniper Jae-young (Jung Jae-young), and computer hacker Ha-yoon (Won Bin). These hitmen believe they're doing a vital job in society, just like any other profession. They run a private business where people from all walks of life come to them and place an order. After they meet their clients and discuss the time, place and method by which they want their targets to be eliminated, they sign a formal contract. They even have a discount rate for students. When the deal is done, they carry out their mission and finish it like a typical day at work. The four live and work together in mundane harmony, eating Ha-yoon's bad cooking and watching their crush (Go Eun-mi) read the news on TV. One day, a persistent high school girl (Gong Hyo-jin) shows up at their door and keeps trying to hire them, while Jung-woo falls for his target, a pregnant woman (Oh Seung-hyun). Then Sang-yeon gets approached for a big job he can't turn down, one far riskier than what they're used to. The client wants someone killed in the middle of a sold-out Hamlet play with high-profile businessmen, politicians and law officers in attendance. Meanwhile, the determined and intelligent prosecutor Jo (Jung Jin-young) is on to them, and mobilizes the police force to catch them in the act.