Chakradhari (lang-en) is a 1948 Indian, Tamil-language film produced by Gemini Studios. Chittor V. Nagaiah and Pushpavalli acted in the lead roles while Gemini Ganeshan who was a budding actor then, appeared in a minor role.


Gora is a potter who lives in a village near Pandharpur in Maharashtra. He is a strong devotee of Lord Panduranga. He is not interested in earning money which worries his wife Thulasi. Venkat is Gora's elder brother and an affluent man. His wife Sona does not like Gora and his family. One day while Gora was mixing clay, his child Hari comes there, playing. Gora was in a devotional ecstasy and did not notice his child. The child is killed trampled under the mud. Thulasi threatens to destroy the idol of Panduranga but Gora tries to kill her with an axe. She tells Gora that he should not touch her in future and he also vows that he will not touch her. However, Thulasi gets her sister Shantha to marry her husband Gora so that they can beget a child. But Gora refuses to touch Shantha too. The sisters seduce Gora one night. Gora is shocked and cuts his hands for breaking the vows. Lord Panduranga and his consort Rukmini come in disguise and work for Gora. Due to their divine powers happiness is restored in the family. Gora gets back his hands and Hari come back alive. The whole family becomes devotees of Lord Panduranga.